If you’re an expat or you live permanently in Holland it could be hard for you to find the right wedding accessories such as a wedding dress. This often may have to do with the fact that in Holland most wedding shops have all their website pages in Dutch language only.

Our staff speaks fluent English so they can make it easier for you to find the perfect wedding dress.

Finding your dream wedding dress is one of the first and most important things you have to do as a bride to be. Usually you already have some idea of what your dream-wedding gown should look like, but in real life finding the best match is still going to be challenging of course. That is why it’s very important that you visit a shop that has a good reputation and long experience when it comes to wedding dresses. It’s important for you as a bride that the sales stylist knows exactly what type of dress you’re looking for but also is able to match that with the type of dress that will fit your body best. Of course it’s very important that in order to understand your requirements well the sales stylist needs to understand you very well even in English. In the past 15 years that our shop exists our English-speaking customer base has been growing each year again. We have many customers from countries from all over the world for example from Spain, Italy, Latin America, Russia and so on. Thankfully most of these brides speak English so we make sure that all our sales stylists understand and speak fluent English in order to help them find their dream wedding dress.

We allways have the latest bridal gown collection in stock.

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Holland is after all a small country, so whether you live for example in Rotterdam, Breda or the Hague, you can visit our store in Amsterdam within a short travel time if you travel by car or public transport. So it’s always worth to visit us even when you don’t live in Amsterdam. Our store Sara’s Bridal is located in Amsterdam Noord and if you want to see how to get there best, you can check it here on Google’s route planner.

With over 300 wedding dresses in stock divided over 2 floors on 200 m2 and 4 fitting rooms we offer our brides almost all styles that are available in the market. So also if you have planned your wedding last minute and don’t have the time to wait for a gown to be ordered first, you can buy one right from our big stock. We always have an experienced in-house seamstress (tailor) available in our store so that possible adjustments to your wedding dress can be done on the spot without having to go to another store.

Affordable wedding dresses

Of course you plan to marry just ones in your live, so your wedding dress must be just perfect. Among the most important things you look for in a dress is a good fit on your body, superb fabric quality and an elegant look to sparkle like a princess on your wedding day. But of course it’s also important that the wedding dress stays affordable while still meeting up with the qualities requirements described above. That’s why at Sara’s Bridal we offer our brides two options that meet up with all budgets. You can either rent or buy a wedding dress. Prices start at as low as € 350,-. Our renting conditions are very well and reasonable in terms of pricing and value that you get back. If you have more budget and want to buy a dress you’re at the good place as well. As mentioned above you can either buy a wedding dress right from our stock or order a new tailored made dress exactly how you want it. We have our own brand that you can customize to your own requirements but we are also an official dealer of many top niche brands such as Maggie Sottero, Nicole, Morilee, Diane Legrand and many more. The average deliver time for orders is about 4 to 5 months so if you’re planning to buy a dress make sure to visit us well ahead.

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